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" First look inside the retro party world of The Good Johnsons ! "

Introducing... The Good Johnsons !

"Introducing... The Good Johnsons"

is a first look inside the retro party world of The Good Johnsons,

a quirky electro-lounge duo from New York, who transform some of their favorite songs from mostly the 60's and 70's into modern dance pop tributes. Ranging from well known hits such as "What's New Pussycat?" and their first single "Make Your Own Kind of Music" to the lesser known "Ate Londres" and "Love is Surrender," the album covers an array of hits and novelty songs and injects them with just the right amount of electronica to keep your feet tapping, your head bopping and your mouth smiling! An all around fun album that lifts your spirits and keeps you singing along!   The Good Johnsons were formed when Daniel Keller (a jazz and rock vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and composer) and Lorrie Doriza (a classical and pop vocalist, pianist and composer) discovered their shared love of swing and lounge music and decided to sporadically perform together.  At first, they mostly played swing songs from the 50's as an acoustic duo, then some 60's songs with the addition of a drummer, but soon realized it was not their calling. When fate called them to perform in Japan, they happily agreed but in the absence of a drummer, Keller decided to program the drums into a backing track, which quickly turned into fully executed arrangements and thus began the rebirth of The Good Johnsons into an electro-lounge group!Find out more about The Good Johnsons at

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Credits :

Released January 2014 

Dan Keller: vocals, guitar, programming, production 

Lorrie Doriza: vocals, melodica, ukulele 

Recorded at Claws Sound Studios in Matsumoto, Japan 

Mixed by: Dan Keller 

Mastered by: Shohei Narabe 

© L'atelier Clair and The Good Johnsons 

Photography by: Mariusz Sikorski

Cover design by: Lorrie Doriza

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The Good Johnsons / “ Introducing... The Good Johnsons ! "

1.Make Your Own Kind Of Music      

2.Georgy Girl 

3.Love Is Surrender  

4.Up, Up, And Away 

5.Zou Bisou Bisou      

6.Ate Londres    

7.What's New Pussycat   

  1. 8.Tijuana Taxi

9. Blob          

10.It is Such A Good Night                        


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