Christmas Is For Anyone

Pop / Electro-Lounge

Livin' in the Sunlight!

Dan Keller: Programming, Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Lorrie Doriza: Piano, Vocals

Recorded at RCN OHNO Studios in Woodside, NY

Arranged by Dan Keller

Mixed by Dan Keller, Terry Edelman

Mastered by Terry Edelman

© The Good Johnsons

Photography / Cover Design by Jordan Morris

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The Good Johnsons / Livin' in the Sunlight!

1.  Livin' in the Sunlight, Lovin' in the Moonlight

2.  Bubbles

3.  24 Mila Baci

4.  No More Blues

5.  Windy

6.  Don't Sleep in the Subway

7.  Care of Cell 44

Introducing... The Good Johnsons !

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