Iron Island

Dan Hjernø is a Danish singer with a unique sound that links back to the eighties and the time of great pop tunes. At the same time the band is solid in the rock ‘n’ roll ground with a 2018 appeal with a great studio production. Please turn up the volume.

’Shine’ is the second single that will be released on the  middle of July and will be featuring the Danish star ’Julie Maria’



About the first single ’Carrie’ Dan Hjernø writes:

The song Carrie has more meanings to me. It's really written to a human being, who I had an unrelated love relationship with for a year's time.

It was unrelated to the fact that we really loved each other but could not fulfil it because she was gay. It took time for me to accept, because I really had the feeling that it was unfair. For us both really.

That feeling disappeared when I met the woman I'm married to today.

It all fell in place on that account. In addition, in that story there is also a longing for basic freedom, as you can also hear in the written text.

I think it's about longing for the kind of freedom that is only found in dreams. The complete feeling where you have let go of it all and just become, -free.

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