Nana Schwartzlose

A note to remember is the debut CD from Danish singer and songwriter Nana SchwartzLose. An evocative acoustic songs with beautiful melodies, acoustic minimalist accompaniment with a touch of Brooklyn New York, where the album is recorded.

Album : Notes to Remember

1. Red Hair

2. A Note To Remember

3. Ocean

4. She's The One

5. 3847 miles

6. Today

7. Messenger

8. Down

9. TV

10. Stupid Day

Notes to Remember (album)

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All songs written by Nana Schwartzlose

All Vocals, Guitars, PIano, Xylophone, Melodica,

Tambourine by Nana Schwartzlose

Organ and Synth.: on  M3, M4, M5, M6 by Knud Mortensen

Bass: on M9 by Jens Simonsen

Bass: on M3 & M4 by Henrik Raabo

All songs arranged by  Nana Schwartzlose

exp. M6 by Nana Schwartzlose & Shohei Narabe

All Background Vocals Arranged by Nana Schwartzlose & Shohei Narabe

Mixed by Toshiro Ito and Shohei Narabe

Recorded by Shohei Narabe at Dumbo Studio NYC

Additional recordings by Knud Mortensen, Jens Simonsen, Henrik Raabo, Søren Siig.

Mastered by Shohei Narabe

Produced by Shohei Narabe

Co-Produced by Nana Schwartzlose

Cover Photograph by Kim Wendt

CD Cover designed by Anders Ladegaard.

Web Album Cover design by Shohei Narabe

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Thanks to:

Shohei Narabe, Toshiro Ito, Knud Mortensen, Jens Simonsen, Henrik  Raabo,

Shilo Andrews friends and family.

A special thanks to  Nikoline.

Nana's web site


                                                                  ©L'atelier Clair Inc.

Physical CD is Available

6 stars out of 6 in the danish newspaper.

SchwartzlosesNotes worth remembering. It is a very promising debut.



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Book of Life

”Book of life” is the follow-up album from Danish singer Nana Schwartzlose after her acclaimed debut ”Notes to Remember”.

The album features a handful of songs that centers round the personal and irresistible voice of Nana Schwartzlose

All songs are accompanied by an extremely skilled rhythm group – creating the perfect background setting for Nana’s voice.

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Album : Book of Life   

1. Summertime

2. It’s Okay

3. You and I

4. Book of Life

5. Walk Alone

6. Let’s Take a Minute

7.Washington Heights

8. Snoop Dog

9. 3000 Meters Above City Level