Nana Schwartzlose

A note to remember is the debut CD from Danish singer and songwriter Nana SchwartzLose. An evocative acoustic songs with beautiful melodies, acoustic minimalist accompaniment with a touch of Brooklyn New York, where the album is recorded.

Album : Notes to Remember

1. Red Hair

2. A Note To Remember

3. Ocean

4. She's The One

5. 3847 miles

6. Today

7. Messenger

8. Down

9. TV

10. Stupid Day

Notes to Remember (album)

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Book of Life  (album)

”Book of life” is the follow-up album from Danish singer Nana Schwartzlose after her acclaimed debut ”Notes to Remember”.

The album features a handful of songs that centers round the personal and irresistible voice of Nana Schwartzlose

All songs are accompanied by an extremely skilled rhythm group – creating the perfect background setting for Nana’s voice.

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Album : Book of Life   

1. Summertime

2. It’s Okay

3. You and I

4. Book of Life

5. Walk Alone

6. Let’s Take a Minute

7.Washington Heights

8. Snoop Dog

9. 3000 Meters Above City Level

SchwartzlosesNotes worth remembering. It is a very promising debut.

6 stars out of 6 in the danish newspaper.