Introducing shiro “ shiro " 

Alternative folk and rock music group.

Based on Japanese lyrics, singing about travel of life, philosophy, and love. 

They add Folky, Bluesy, Cosy, Nice feel to their music on this album.

Each of members are experienced and famous artist in Japanese music industry as a music producer, song writer and performer.

1. Andalucia 

2. 人魚姫はなぜ人間になりたかったか 

3. 代官山の電話Box

4. 夕焼け 

“  Achikotanee"

Member of shiro: 

宮原芽映 Mebae Miyahara: singer, song writer, producer, guitarist. She wrote well known song “ Virginity “ Rebecca, TV anime “Lupin III / part 3 ” as a lyricist.Her solo albums “Okaeri”, “Doa wa aketoku”,were released from Victor Entertainment Japan and “ Portfolio ”. “Mariposa” from Polydor Japan. She is also well known as an illustration artist, she makes animation for this shiro promotion video and TV commercials and so on in the past.

丹波博幸 Hiroyuki Tamba : guitarist, song writer, singer, producer. He is well known as a rock guitarist for Eikichi Yazawa, Joe Yamanaka, Masatoshi Nakamura, Exile and also played for well known animation “ Neon Genesis Evangelion”  “Urusei Yatsura”and music for TV commercials.

窪田晴男 Haruo Kubota : guitarist, song writer, singer, producer. He is a guitarist of well known rock band “Pearl Kyoudai“.  Also well know as a music producer, song writer, guitarist worked with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Taeko Onuki, Epo, Akiko Yano.  

Gust Musician :

Yutaka “Yukari” Uehara : well known drummer of a 70’s rock band “Murahachibu” and performed as a session drummer for important & famous Japanese artists and bands as Eiichi Otaki, Yosui Inoue, Kenji Sawada, Kiyoshiro Imawano, Tatsuro Yamashita, Sugar Babe. He joins shiro as a percussionist on this album.

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“ shiro " (1st single )

shiro - short clips of shiro from their 1st album “ Shiro “

shiro - “Ningyo Hime wa Naze Ningen ni Naritakattaka “

shiro - shiro - Nut's!

shiro - “ Making of Animation - Daikan Yama no Denwa Box “

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When Shiro visited the town of Uonuma in Niigata, they discovered the phrase

“ Achikotanee “ from the locals, which means not to worry and happiness will come. This is similar to the phrase "Que sera sera."

Shiro wants everyone in the world to be aware of and utilize this phrase.

1. Achikotanee 

2. Koi Wo Surunara 

3. Achikotanee (Karaoke)