The Good Johnsons

Christmas Is For Anyone

Pop / Lounge

The Good Johnsons are a quirky pop duo with an emphasis on melody, harmony, and fun.

This song is an original Christmas song that promotes holiday love and peace.

Christmas is for anyone (Lyrics)

As days grow colder and the heavens opaque,

The angel voices linger like a snowflake

They sing to all a sweet appeal

They sing to all a love revealing

Let’s all rejoice this special feeling

For Christmas is for anyone!


We hear the melodies of winter intertwine.

But it’s the harmony that makes it so divine!

So this Christmas, sing with us, let your spirit shine!

Merry Christmas…


We brace our hearts against the icy weather

Let’s face it with the love we share together

With every smile that you meet

You’ll find your melancholy fleeting

That’s why I think it bears repeating

That Christmas is for anyone!

© L'atelier Clair and The Good Johnsons 

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